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Originally introduced in 1966 at the Kolo Festival by Atanas Kolarovski

From: http://dunav.org.il/lyrics/tino_mori_lyrics.pdf

Bog da bie, Tino mori,
Tino mori tvoj'ta stara majka,
Tino mori, Tino mori,
Tvojot stari tatko de.

Sto mi te armasaja,
Tino, Tino mori, mnogu na daleku,
Tino mori, Tino mori,
Dur na g'evg'elija de.

Dur na g'evg'elija, Tino,
Tino mori za Deljo Turundzula,
Tino mori, Tino mori,
Za Deljo Turundzula de.

Deljo bolen lezi, Tino,
Tino mori Deljo k'e da umri,
Tino mori, Tino mori,
Deljo k'e da umri de.

Nad glava mu stoji,
Tino, Tino mori trujca ikindzii,
Tino mori, Tino mori,
Trujca ikindzii de.

May God smite, Tina, Tina,
your old mother, Tina, Tina,
Your old father.
For they have married you off,
Tina, Tina, very far away,
Tina, Tina,
All the way to G'evg'elija.
All the way to G'evg'elija,
Tina, Tina, to Deljo Turundzula,
Tina, Tina,
To Deljo Turundzula.

Deljo lies ill,
Tina, Tina,
Deljo will die,
Tina, Tina,
Deljo will die.

At his head stand,
Tina, Tina,
a trio of doctors,
Tina, Tina,
A trio of doctors.

Бог да бие, Тино мори,
Тино, мори, твојта стара мајка
Тино, мори, Тино мори,
твојот стари татко деј.

Што ми те армаса, Тино
Тино, мори, мошне надалеку
Тино, мори, Тино, мори
дур' на Гевгелија, деј.

Дур' на Гевгелија, Тино
Тино, мори, за Дељо Турунџула
Тино мори, Тино мори
за Дељо Турунџула, деј.

Дељо болен лежи, Тино
Тино, мори, Дељо ќе да умре.
Тино, мори, Тино, мори
Дељо ќе да умре, деј.

Бог да бие Тино мори,
Тино мори, твојот стари татко,
Тино мори, Тино мори
твојот стари татко, деј.

Music: Bog da bie Tino More: http://youtu.be/GRpSrCCrPoE
Meter: 7/8 SQQ
Formation: Open circle in W position

Introduction: 16 bars
Part 1 (Long variation, done to singing)
Bar 1: Step in LOD with R foot (S), Lift L foot next to R calf with a cukce on the R (QQ) (a cukce is a small lift of the heal oft the ground.)
Bar 2: Step L in LOD (S) close R next to L (&) Step L in LOD (QQ)
Bar 3: repeat bar 1
Bar 4: Step on L in LOD with L foot (S), With a cukce on the L, turn 1/2 way to face RLOD, R foot comes up to Left calf (QQ)
Bar 5: Backing up in LOD, Step R (S), L (QQ)
Bar 6: Step back on R in LOD, turning to face center (S), lift L in front of R (QQ)
Bar 7: Step L into the center (S) close R next to L (&) Step L into center (QQ)
Bar 8: Step R into center (S), step back on L out of center (QQ)
Bar 9: Step back on R (S), lift L in front of R (QQ)
Bar 10: repeat bar 7
Bar 11: repeat bar 8
Bar 12: repeat bar 9
Bar 13: Lean on L to L with R foot pointing to the R (S), bounce on L (QQ)
Bar 14: Lean on R to R with L foot pointing to the L (S), bounce on R (QQ)
Bar 15: repeat bar 13
Bar 16: Lean to the R (S), lean ot the L (QQ)
Bars 17-32: repeat bars 1-16
Part 2 (Short variation, done to instrumental)
Bars 1-11: repeat bars 1-11 of part 1
Bar 12: repeat bar 16 of part 1
(from: http://pesna.org/song.php?id=53)

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